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Jot Shop

منجانب ThemeHunk

ورژن: 1.0.8

آخری بار اپڈیٹ: 22 اپریل، 2022

فعال انسٹالیشنز: 800+

WordPress Version: 5.0 or higher

PHP Version: 5.4 or higher

تھیم کا سرورق

Jot Shop is a Free WooCommerce theme for creating clean and professional shopping stores. It has a stylish Homepage design for listing premium products and high-end experiences. Theme comes with powerful functionality like Section On/Off, Header & Footer layouts, Product styles, Ajax live search, Offcanvas sidebar, Quick view, Pagination option for Shop & Blog page, Color & background options etc. Theme also supports many Product sections to showcase your product in your homepage, Sections like - Tabbed Product carousel, Woo category section, Product Carousel, Product list carousel. Other than these sections theme has Top Slider layout, Ribbon section with Image & Video, Banner layouts and Service section. Theme is integrated with WooCommerce, Th Variation Swatches plugin and lead form builder plugin which will help you in designing a perfect Online Store. If you’re looking for a highly flexible e-commerce theme, then Jot Shop could have everything you need.


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