On Boarding Process for GTEs

After serving the locale as a PTE, next step forward is to become a GTE for your locale. Below are some rules devised to entertain the GTE requests.

To be a GTE:

  • You’ve to be a PTE of at least 2 projects, for a month at least, with 100% translations. Self-authored plugins/themes excluded.
  • Organize at least one translation meetup and guide the attendees how to translate. Quality of the translation being done by the attendees under our guidance really matters.

Also, you have to understand the fact that GTE is a higher level of commitment. You’re the one going to lead, guide, and onboard new translators. So make sure you’ve got enough time and energy to spend in this open source project.

  • Also: We’ve got some technical expectations on a GTE:
    • Show a real name and a real photo in your profile
    • Make sure that you add #ur tag as a followed string in: https://profiles.wordpress.org/me/profile/notifications/ 
  • Participate actively in the local translation team.
  • Feel free to step down if time and energy doesn’t suffice. Nobody can be a superhero all the time.

Once you successfully qualify the criteria, put forward a request and current GTEs team will respond to that.