Automatic Translate Addon For Loco Translate 2.3.3


Important Notice:- This addon is only compatible with Loco Translate official plugin version 2.3.3 or lower. If you are using Loco Translate(2.4.0+) then you can rollback your Loco Translate official plugin to an older version to use this addon.

Automatic Machine Translator Addon For Loco Translate

Install this plugin along with the famous Loco Translate(< 2.4.0) plugin (1,000,000+ Active Installations) and automatically machine translate any WordPress plugin or theme translation files into any language.

This addon provides support to use IBM Watson Translator API for free users and Google & Microsoft Translator APIs for premium users.

Loco Addon Features:

  • One-click translate any plugin or theme all translatable strings.
  • You can automatic translate upto 1,000,000 characters monthly free of cost using IBM Watson translator API.
  • Check auto translations inside Loco build-in editor to manually edit any machine translated string.
  • This plugin uses IBM Watson Translator API to auto translate plugin / theme language(po) files. Grab free api key and translate URL:- steps to grab free api key
  • Pro version also supports Google & Microsoft Translator APIs – Buy Pro

“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done. Stop wasting time, complete work smartly & quickly!”

FREE v/s Premium License Key Comparison:

Free License

  • IBM Watson Translator Support: Available
  • IBM Watson Translator API Free Translation Limit: 1,000,000 char / month
  • Google Translate Support: Not Available
  • Google API Free Translation Limit: Not Available
  • Microsoft Translator Support: Not Available
  • Microsoft API Free Translation Limit: Not Available
  • Reset Translations: Not Available
  • HTML Translations: Not Available
  • Premium Support: Not Available

Premium License

  • IBM Watson Translator Support: Available
  • IBM Watson Translator API Free Translation Limit: 1,000,000 char / month
  • Google Translate Support: Available
  • Google API Free Translation Limit: 500,000 char / month
  • Microsoft Translator Support: Available
  • Microsoft API Free Translation Limit: 2,000,000 char / month
  • Reset Translations: Available
  • HTML Translations: Not Available Now (Yandex Translate API v1 deprecated)
  • Premium Support: Quick support via email – (Support time:- 24-48 hours)
  • Buy Premium License: $18 – $88

Important: Plugin only provides settings to use third party translation APIs, it do not provide any free translations characters. All free translation characters usage limit provided by API providers. Any API provider can stop providing translation API or free usage limit anytime in future, in that case plugin will not support that API provider.

“Many people make the mistake of saving money by wasting time.”

Who’s Behind:

This plugin is not developed by or affiliated with the "Loco Translate". It is a third party addon that provides automatic machine translations to quickly translate your theme or plugin language files.

We( only manage website, Loco Automatic Translate Addon(this plugin) and Loco Automatic Translate Addon Premium License Key.

We provide cool solutions to remove famous plugins limitations!

Special THANKS!:

Special thanks to famous Loco Translate plugin authors Tim for creating an awesome plugin for translations, we have forked some js files from main Loco Translate plugin to create this addon and also thanks to IBM Watson for providing free translate API.

All automatic translations will machine translations, powered by IBM Watson Translator API, so we don’t guarantee 100% correctness, please check all translated text carefully before making it live on your production site.

اسکرین شاٹس

  • Translate Using IBM Watson Translate API
  • Loco Automatic Translate Addon Settings
  • Free License v/s Premium License
  • Free Translation Limit by API Providers


  1. Install Loco Automatic Translate Addon from the repository or by uploading plugin-zip unzipped folder to the /wp-content/plugins directory. You must also install Loco Translate free plugin if you want to use this addon.

  2. Activate the plugin through Plugins >> Installed Plugin menu in WordPress

  3. After plugin activation you need to insert IBM Watson API key inside Loco Translate >> Auto Translator Addon – Settings. You can grab a free api key by following these steps:-

  4. While editing any plugin or theme language file using Loco build-in editor, you will find an auto translator button at top to quickly translate all translatable strings with one-click.

  5. If you want to use Google Translate API or Microsoft Translator API then you need to purchase premium license key.

عمومی سوالات

How it works?

This plugin works as an addon for Loco Translate plugin. First you need to install and activate free version of "Loco translate” then install this addon and use one-click machine translations (supported by IBM Watson Translator API).

Are you using any language translation API?

Free license users can use – IBM Watson Translator API, you can read more about its pricing terms to use at here – You can get free API key by following these steps – Click Here

But if you are using a premium license then you can also use Google Translate API and Microsoft Translator API

Is there any translation limit?

Free license users:- can only translate 1,000,000 characters per month free of cost by using IBM Watson translator api.
No support available for Google or Microsoft Translator API for free users.

Premium license users:- can also use Google & Microsoft translate apis.
Google Translate API provides free 500,000 char / month for translations.
Microsoft Translator API provides free 2,000,000 char / month for translations.

*This plugin does not provide free characters for translation. It only provides settings to manage translation APIs (IBM Watson, Google, Microsoft etc.). Free characters translation availability only depends on the API providers (IBM Watson, Google, Microsoft etc.) terms and they can change it anytime.


جولائی 6, 2020
A handy plugin that helped me quickly translate the po file into the desired language
جون 24, 2020
Mais il faudrait pouvoir supprimer les messages, les boutons pour fermer ne fonctionnent pas, mais l'objectif premier ; la traduction... il rempli sa tache sans problème. J'ai contacté le support 2 fois pour des problèmes lier à une mauvaise utilisation de ma part, il ont été très réactif et très courtois (j'était fautif), donc je vous conseil vivement ce plugin.
تمام 206 جائزے پڑھیں

شراکت دار اور ڈیویلپرز

“Automatic Translate Addon For Loco Translate 2.3.3” اوپن سورس سافٹ ویئر ہے۔ مندرجہ ذیل لوگوں نے اس پلگ ان میں حصہ لیا:

شراکت دار

چینج لاگ

Version 1.9 | 23 JUN 2020

Fixed:404 Not found bug with IBM translate.
Fixed:unable to disable review notice bug
Updated:Updated settings panel and translate popup content
Removed: HTML string translation support.
Added: added some checks in strings
Improved:Improved IBM translation process
Improved: Minor JS Improvements

Version 1.8 | 12 JUN 2020

Added: IBM Watson Translator API support.
Added: Notice! Yandex Translate API v1 deprecated.
Fixed: Bug fixes
Improved:endpoint updates
Improved: code Improvements

Version 1.7.5 | 27 MAY 2020

Fixed: notice bug fixed
Updated:Minor settings updates

Version 1.7.3 | 15 MAY 2020

Updates:Minor Textual changes

Version 1.7.1 | 28 APR 2020

Fixed: Index per request not working issue.
Updated: Updated new logo and all assets

Version 1.7 | 13 FEB 2020

Added: Added Chinese languages support
Added: Supported Singular and plural string translation
Added: Added admin notices 
Added: Added support for major language
Added: Added  Punjabi, Kannada, Irish, Malayalam language support in Microsoft Translator
Fixed: % s and s % space after Special charactors problem
Fixed: Wrong index updates with multiple strings
Improved:Improved String translation
Imporved: overall Code Improvements
Improved:Optimized Settings panel
Updated:Textual Changes

Version 1.6 | 27 JAN 2020

Added: Integrated Microsoft Translation API Support
Added: Plain text translation support %s,%d placeholders
Added: Integrated API Testing Button in the settings panel.
Added: Added Error handling messages
Added: Integrated Sweetalert popup
Added: Supported %s,%d placeholder strings in Google translate
Added: Microsoft translation settings
Imporved: Review Notice and updated wrong Spelling

Version 1.5 | 14 JAN 2020

Added: Integrated Google Translation API Support
Added: Integrated Reset Translation strings button.
Added: Integrated characters available charactors limit in translation popup
Added: Google API Settings in the settings panel
Added: Norwegian language support
Improved: Translation popup
Improved: Code Improvements
Improved: deactivation popup
Improved:Textual changes
Fixed: minor Bugs 

Version 1.4.1 | 8 JAN 2020

Fixed:Minor JS bug fixes

Version 1.4 | 31 DEC 2019

Added: Integrated HTML String Translation Feature
Added: Supported Norwegian and other missing languages
Added: Integrated Translation settings popup.
Imporved: Optimized code
Improved: Updated Preloader
Fixed: Unsaved string highlighting issue
Fixed: minor JS issues
Fixed: Wrong characters calculation bug

Version 1.3.2 | 13 DEC 2019

Added:Integrated URL and link filters in String
Added: Added string filters
Improved: JS code
Improved: feedback from
Improved: minor issues

Version 1.3 | 03 DEC 2019

Added: Integrated translated characters stats tables
Added: Extend characters limit with Premium License key
Added: Integrated namespace
Added: Not interested button in review popup
Added: Integrated Premium License key Manager 
Added: Added security checks in every request
Added: Integrated nonce in ajax request
Improved: Improved translation issues
Improved: Improved overall code 
Improved: readme.text
Improved: Added new screenshots
Fixed: Minor translation issues.
Fixed: minor JS errors.
Fixed: compatibility issues with WordPress 5.3

Version 1.2.1|13 Sep 2019

Fixed: instant review popup notification bug fixed

Version 1.2 | 02 Sep 2019

Fixed: Mismatch translation strings in Turkish.
Fixed: minor js issues.
Imporved: minor textual changes
Added: Feedback on plugin deactivation.

Version 1.1 | 31 Aug 2019

Added: Integrated automatic translation progress bar popup
Added: Batch translation of all untranslated words in a single click.
Fixed: Issue with html translation.
Fixed: Minor javascript issues.

Version 1.0.2 | 08 July 2019

Fixed:Translations issues with Chinese language.

Version 1.0 | 08 June 2019

New: Initial Plugin Release